Daphne Guinness shares video for new single, ‘Remember To Breathe’

Following her debut album, Optimist in Black released in May 2016, Daphne Guinness has premiered ‘Remember To Breathe’, the first cut to be taken from her as-yet-untitled follow-up record. The video, which can watch below, premiered at V Magazine last week and finds Daphne tapping into more of a glam-rock vein – a world of glitter, psychedelia and positivity.

Speaking about the new video, Daphne says: “The songs are my truth,” she says. “Sometimes how I feel changes so when I look back or sing them, [it’s] like reading my diary. To paraphrase Baudelaire: it feels like my heart has been rendered naked.”

“I wanted to record this straight to analogue tape,” continues Guinness. “Everything you hear nowadays is recorded digitally, all you hear is made of ones and zeros. Analogue recording is how all the classic albums that I love were made—Doors, Beatles, Stones—it offers a far greater depth and color of sound.”

Praise for Optimist in Black:
Firmly rooted in the late ‘60s, early ‘70s, its main modes orchestral glam and bejewelled psych Q ****
It sounds incredible; fresh, wild, youthful, full of her inimitable character, totally timeless i-D
Optimist In Black has charm, humour and a certain florid, romantic quality The Times
Drama-pop with a gothic tinge….powerful incantations Noisey
Somewhere between Marianne Faithfull and Grace Jones, this is self-consciously clever and unconsciously odd, sounding both highly 70s and faintly futuristic Classic Prog
She has a beautiful voice, reminiscent of the cool detachment of Nico, and she brings a sadness and integrity to the lyrics The Telegraph
Edgy guitar riffs and mesmerising melodies Elle

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