Peter and Kerry set to release debut LP ‘La Trimouille’ on July 30th

Peter and Kerry are set to release their strikingly assured debut LP La Trimouille on July 30, through Believe Recordings (James Vincent McMorrow) and boutique label Tape Club Records. It will be preceded by the release of lead single ‘I Don’t Know’ on July 9, the follow up to the well-received Clothes, Friends, Photos EP which came out late last year to a chorus of approval across blogs and digital press.

Peter Lyons and Kerry Leatham met in 2009, brought together under the wing of London-based Tape Club Records. While Lyons’ Southampton native had joined with Tape Club in 2006, releasing a handful of singles along the way, Leatham’s self-taught guitarist had grown up 100 miles away, in Colchester, inspired into songwriting via Ani DiFranco’s passionate folk strumming and the Van Morrison records she grew up hearing on the family stereo.

Leatham joined Tape Club Records three years after Lyons, under the care of the manager known for discovering Rumer, Kwame Kwaten. When a label tour required intensive rehearsals, an anxious Leatham found herself avoiding the label mate who’d go on to become her closest friend and collaborator. “Peter and I didn’t really speak to each other at first,” recalls Leatham, “because we were both pretty shy. I’d purposely turn up late for rehearsals so we wouldn’t have to do the walk from the station together”. A chance meeting in Soho subsequently broke the ice, as well as goofy comedy appreciation (the cheerfully fizzy, bass-driven ‘Annie’ is an ode to Goldie Hawn rom-com, Overboard), and a mutual love of 80s electro pop. “We’re both suckers for 80s power ballads” says Peter, “songs like ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’, these horror shows of pop music”.

The 80s influences the pair share shine out brightly on stand-out track ‘Split For The City’, an up-tempo, synth-filled pop gem that evokes the Human League’s hit ‘Together In Electric Dreams’, aided in part by the electric guitars and “crap Yamaha keyboards from the late 80s and early 90s” that provide La Trimouille’s instrumental bedrock. Retro electro may figure prominently, but there’s a flair for modern digital tropes too, such as the understated chiptune bossa nova of ‘Montmorillon’, and the layered hiss n crackle on ‘St. Pierre’, mementos of a summer spent writing in the French locale which gave the album its name. “We listened to Beach house and Teen Dream constantly throughout the summer, as well as a lot of Grizzly Bear, so we had reference points” says Leatham. “But it ended up sounding nothing like either of them”.

Having relocated to record across various London locations, temporary havoc then ensued when- due to a horrifically-timed hard drive failure- near-complete recordings of the album were irretrievably lost, leading to what might now technically be termed ‘La Trimouille- The Reboot’. Just as well, since Peter and Kerry have now yielded a bright, thrilling debut – a collection of earnest, character-driven electro pop snapshots, fuelled with the joyful simpatico of their bold boy/girl harmonies.

7 July GLOUCESTERSHIRE Barn on The Farm Festival
1 September KENT In The Woods Festival

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