Ruarri Joseph announces new album ‘Brother’ for October

Ruarri Joseph returns this Autumn with a new album ‘Brother’ (Pip Productions), which will be officially released in the UK on 29 October 2012, through Pip Productions. The record, Ruarri’s fourth studio album to date, is preceded by teaser track ‘Anyway’, which is currently available as a free download. Ruarri will be on tour in support of the release throughout October, including London Borderline on October 9 2012.

‘Brother’ is a record inspired and propelled by ideas of friendship, relationships and family. From a young age, Ruarri Joseph has held family close to heart. He became a father at the age of just 19, but rather than becoming overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a young family, Ruarri instead felt spurred to pursue his passion for music (as well as inspiring him to relocate to Cornwall’s coast to settle well away from city life in Deptford.) “Being a young dad was the best thing that ever happened to me. If you need something to focus and ground you…have children!”

Now himself having just approached 30, this notion of family is one that beats strongly at the heart of ‘Brother’. For Joseph, the single word of the title symbolizes “companionship, community and closeness.” Building on the themes of his previous album, ‘Brother’ is largely informed by the loss of a close friend who passed away in 2010, and the sense of strengthened friendships that bloomed out of their community’s collective grieving. “A bunch of our mutual musician friends got together to learn his songs and songs he loved and we all got on stage and played at his wake, Last Waltz style.”  It was after this tender send-off that Joseph realized the next album would be a group effort. “I worked with a band on this album, rather than doing it alone. I wanted ‘Brother’ to be a communal record for us all to sing to. “Brother isn’t an elegy. It’s a celebration”.

Originally born in Edinburgh, the nomadic Joseph found his song-writing roots in the Southwestern Pacific. A move to New Zealand followed his parents’ divorce, and the young Ruarri found himself coming of age in Dannevirke (population 6,000), an isolated, rural farming community. At 17 Joseph packed his suitcase and moved back to the UK and settled in London, where he met his future wife. At 25 Joseph released his debut album ‘Tales Of Grime and Grit’ through Atlantic Records, and shortly after leaving Atlantic in favour of independence in 2008, he formed his own label ‘Pip Productions’ through which all his subsequent LPs have been released. Inspired by Bob Dylan, the singer song-writer’s work has also earned him favourable comparisons to the chart-topping pop savvy sounds of Damian Rice and David Gray, artists which through no coincidence Joseph now shares management with.

Free download of ‘Anyway’ available now.


1 Oct MANCHESTER   Castle House

2-Oct NOTTINGHAM   Bodega

3-Oct LIVERPOOL         Mello Mello

4-Oct BIRMINGHAM    The Glee Club Studio


8-Oct GUILDFORD       Boileroom

9-Oct LONDON             Borderline

10-Oct BRIGHTON       Komedia Studio

11-Oct EXETER            Phoenix

12-Oct BRISTOL           Louisiana

14-Oct FALMOUTH     Poly

For further information, please contact: Lou Goodliffe /  / 07860 464789

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