Songdog to release ‘Last Orders at Harry’s Bar’ in October

“Musically, lyrically and emotionally, Songdog, rather than the more celebrated Manic Street Preachers, are the true
bards of Blackwood.” The Mirror
“Lyndon Morgans’s lyrics are as evocative as ever…magical songs…You’ll be with him all the way.” Mojo
“..Their music is dark and sinister and beautiful and Lyndon’s songs are by turns sexy, scary, funny, creepy,
heartbreaking and usually always brilliant.” Uncut

‘Last Orders At Harry’s Bar’ is the new album from acclaimed Welsh band Songdog. Its title is a metaphor for a
time and place of Last Things, a site and a moment of final reckoning. The songs on the album
form a heartfelt testimony to a life lived, bearing witness to the passing of time, to pain, to love and the loss of it, and
to the consolations of memory. Yet, however bleak the vision, the spirit remains defiant in the songs’ elegant
melodies and explicit lyricism.
Songdog is a vehicle for the songs of Lyndon Morgans (from Blackwood in South Wales) with accompaniment from
Karl Woodward (guitar/banjo/mandolin), Dave Paterson (drums/accordion) and, latterly, Jasper Salmon (violin). ‘Last
Orders At Harry’s Bar’ was recorded on a mobile rig in a beautiful 17th century former hunting lodge at Devil’s Bridge,
deep in the magnificent isolation of the Cardiganshire countryside.
Earlier Songdog albums include ‘A Life Eroding’, ‘A Wretched Sinner’s Song’ and ‘The Time Of Summer Lightning’,
and received critical acclaim and airplay on BBC Radio 2, 6Music and XFM. The band has received props from the
likes of Bruce Springsteen and Robert Wyatt.
Watch this space for news of the ‘Harry’s Bar Tour’…


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