Lucky Elephant to release second album ‘The Rainy Kingdom’


The London-based four piece are to release their forthcoming sophomore LP through Sunday Best on the 3rd November. Functioning first and foremost as an enchanting collection of compositions, ‘The Rainy Kingdom’ also acts as an unofficial soundtrack to the 1972 Ken Ashton documentary ‘We Was All One’ which inspired it.

Musicians are in frequent need of some kind of spark to drive their writing sessions and as Deptford-born keyboardist Sam Johnson explains, ‘it’s usually heartbreak or lost love, but we used this. It was a microcosm of so much that is going on. Not just in South East London or London or England even, but the whole of Europe’. The band have pursued the relatively-uncharted ‘band as social historian’ role on their second album, adding great depth to their deceptively minimal arrangements. Warm and benign on the surface, but carrying a resonant, poignant, often dark tale: that’s ‘The Rainy Kingdom’ – and Lucky Elephant – in microcosm.

Lucky Elephant are streaming three stop-motion videos to accompany ‘British Working Man‘, ‘Old Kent Road‘ and ‘Emperor‘, which all feature on the forthcoming album.

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