Bishat releases new track ‘Told Me’

‘Told Me’ (self-written & co-produced) finds Bishat kicking against the pressure and expectations that society exerts, particularly on women. In her own words; “I wrote this song as I really took a step back and looked at my life and decided what I’m doing from here on out is whatever truly makes me happy and nothing can compare to the feeling of empowerment it instilled in me”.

​Stockholm-based Bishat (who has roots in Ethiopia & Eritrea) originally cut her teeth in Gothenburg’s booming music scene- as a teenager she wrote tunes with childhood friend José González, with whom Bishat’s older brother used to play in the band Junip.​

She ​emerged ​with a mash-up of Daniel Johnson/Lykke Li/The Weeknd called ‘Some Things’, ​securing​ Bishat​ over​ 1 million​ play​​s​ and fans including Shura.​ 

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