Mélissa Laveaux shares ‘Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen’, ‘Radyo Siwèl’ album, due March 23

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Mélissa Laveaux today releases ‘Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen’, the latest new track to emerge from her forthcoming album, ‘Radyo Siwèl’ due out via Nø Førmat! on 23rd March. The album has already been predicted by BBC Culture among ‘the most exciting music of 2018’. Also featured on a digital 3 track EP released today, ‘Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen’ premiered at Gold Flake Paint here – the track arrives alongside the announcement of a London Rich Mix headline show for April 13th, with tickets available here.

‘Lè Ma Monte Chwal Mwen’ is a traditional vodou folk song that Mélissa first heard as a child on Martha Jean-Claude’s album, Canciones de Haiti. “The title of the song means ‘when I’m riding my horse’. In a vodou ceremony, when someone is possessed by a spirit, they are that spirit’s horse and the spirit is riding them. It’s also a reference to how vodou is at times very erotic”, explains Laveaux.

In April 2016, Mélissa Laveaux headed to Haiti in search of her roots and on a mission to honour her ancestors. Born in Canada to Haitian parents, she did not know what would emerge musically from her pilgrimage although she had a particular interest in the period of American occupation of the island between 1915-1934. Two decades had gone by since she had last set foot in Haiti when she was 12 years old. She felt like a stranger and yet, at the same time, she experienced the thrill of an exile returning home, for Haiti is an intrinsic part of her identity.

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