A Place To Bury Strangers release live LP for Fuzz Club Sessions

“The most ear-shatteringly loud garage/shoegaze band you’ll ever hear” – The Washington Post

“Setting tinnitus-inducing noise-pop against a tension-wracked Joy Division-meets-Ministry backdrop, this Brooklyn trio drenches lovesick indie pop in sheets of deafening static and distortion.” – Pitchfork

A Place To Bury Strangers with another vinyl offering, laying down a live session LP via London-based imprint Fuzz Club. The trio spent a day at the end of their European tour at Lovebuzz Studio in South London, laying down the full length in only one take – a true testament to their DIY ethos.

The record is not linear, including tracks the band have been playing for over a decade as well as the recent touring of 2018 LP Pinned. “It’s good to record at the very end of the tour,” reflects Oliver Ackermann, the band’s vocalist/guitarist and founding member: “You’ve been playing these songs all tour and there’s a certain point when you kind of get tired of them so you have to reinvent what they mean and what happens in them. I feel like that always pushes things to the next level. It’s exciting.” 

A live environment is perfect for capturing the paradoxical unity and chaos consuming the band lauded as the loudest in NYC. Balancing their tight-knit technicality while remaining ever unpredictable and punishing, the LP is a hard-fought trophy for all the work on the road.

Thur February 28 – Melbourne – Cherry Bar
Fri March 1 – Adelaide – Crown & Anchor
Sat March 2 – Wollongong – Farmer & The Owl Festival
Sun March 3 – Sydney – The Lansdowne
Thur March 7 – Auckland – Hollywood Theatre
Friday March 8 – Wellington – Meow

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