ALA.NI releases ‘Differently’ and ‘Sha La La’ ahead of new album ‘ACCA’

Paris-based Londoner ALA.NI has released details for her forthcoming album ‘ACCA’, written, produced and arranged herself and due for release early January 2020. Accompanying the announcement are double A-side singles, ‘Differently’ and ‘Sha La La’, which you can watch below. The record is an entirely a cappella and features appearances from Iggy Pop and rapper/actor Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta, Sorry To Bother You).

‘ACCA’ follows ALA.NI’s 2016 debut ‘You & I’, a widely-praised first offering which picked up spins at 6Music and secured an impressive fan base of David Lynch, Iggy, David Byrne and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Read what The Fader had to say about ‘Differently’ here:

A powerful and uncompromising vision of modern womanhood, ‘ACCA’ is unflinching in its account of pain, anger, sadness, and growth. The spectral shuffle of album-opener ‘Differently’ signals the evolution of an artist some distance removed from the bruised torch songs of ‘You & I’, with the track’s ‘You do you….’ counsel tracked to a striking dance clip, shot in a colour pop Parisian basketball court. By contrast, the candid footage from the new video for Calypso-flecked track ‘Sha La La’ (also recently recorded live for La Blogotheque) – which captures ALA.NI at home in Paris absorbed in the daily business of eating, sleeping, meditating – is a tender mirror to the track’s evaluation of moving forwards from the failure of a defining relationship. Both videos – in contrast to the predominantly black & white, hazy clips which she created herself for ‘You & I’ – hint towards an opening up, of ALA.NI herself coming into clearer focus.

‘ACCA’ came into formation by a layering of hundreds of vocal tracks, imitating the sounds of reeds and strings to create a hypnotic world where the barriers between vocal and instrument are hard to distinguish. “It was all pretty lo-fi on my end,” says ALA.NI, often conjuring songs whilst on the road in Paris, Mexico, Los Angeles, the UK and New York. “I didn’t record to a click, I didn’t use a tuner; I’d just press record and lay down whatever came out.”

Read NPR’s feature on track ‘Sha La La’ below:


“There’s nothing else like that right now” – Iggy Pop
Delivered in tones pure and unaffected, hers are poised, emotionally charged songs” – MOJO ****
The most single-minded album you’ll hear all year” – Q ****
Divine voice and lush chords….My goosebumps still haven’t completely gone” – Stereogum
Golden-voiced” – The Quietus

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