Daphne Guinness shares video for new single ‘Looking Glass’

A genuinely engaging spectacle **** MOJO
Revelations is sophisticated disco by way of classic French chanson – Serge Gainsbourg meets Donna Summer, wrapped up in lush orchestration The Times 
It’s a thrilling ride, with shades of operatic pop, musical theatre, 80s electro and tales of late-night bohemia Record Collector
Suggests Gainsbourg hitting Studio 54; a fillip in fraught times Prog

Daphne Guinness releases a new single, ‘Looking Glass’, the latest to be lifted from her forthcoming third album, ‘Revelations’ due out on August 14, 2020 via Agent Anonyme/Absolute. Daphne recorded the album at Les Studios Saint Germain, Paris – working once again with David Bowie producer Tony Visconti, also at the helm for Guinness’ previous two critically-acclaimed albums, ‘Optimist in Black’ and ‘Daphne & The Golden Chord’.

Directed by newly formed collective The Naughty People (Etienne Gilfillan & James Symonds) and created remotely at the height of the C-19 pandemic, the new video for ‘Looking Glass’ was assembled by Daphne, James & Etienne working from 3 separate locations during lockdown. Speaking about the new video, which takes cues from Op art alongside silent movies & early experimental cinema, The Naughty People note; “We wanted the narrative of the video to reflect a transition from one state of being to another – Daphne waking from a state of suspended animation and traveling through surreal tunnels, ultimately transcending to higher consciousness”.

Though you’ve probably heard the name before, Guinness somehow resists definition. There’s the close friendships with McQueen and Blow, the various collaborations with artists & designers, alongside well-respected ventures in the world of film, with Guinness’ name appearing on the back of the Oscar-nominated Cashback, which she co-produced, alongside a role in art film The Murder of Jean Seberg. If you’re wondering at this stage what her reason for making albums with Visconti at the helm might be, a better question to ask is why she waited so long. A young Daphne trained professionally as a Lieder singer, gaining a place to study at the Guildhall School of music before life for her took a left turn towards marriage and raising her children. “I began in music”, she reveals, “and now I’ve ended up there.”

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