About Partisan PR

Noun: a strong supporter of a party, cause or person
Origin: mid-16th century: from French, via Italian dialect, from Italian partigiao, from parte ‘part’ (from Latin pars, part-).

Partisan PR is a London-based music publicity and artist management company, specialising in print and online publicity.

Partisan was founded by Peter Hall in 2008, following his time as Head of Communications at Atlantic Records and Head of Press at 14th Floor. Their roster spans an eclectic host of major label, independent and up-and-coming artists, as well as events, festivals and leading industry academies.

Partisan provides strategic and creative campaigns to deliver tangible results for all our clients. We believe in transparency, accountability, working on things we love and the need to deliver bespoke Press that reflects the idiosyncracies of each project. Partisan are uniquely placed to do this, drawing upon a range of experience across journalism, public relations, management and various areas of the industry.

For work experience/employment enquiries, please email info@partisanpr.com with a CV and a note to tell us a little bit about yourself.