Daphne Guinness

“It sounds incredible; fresh, wild, youthful, full of her inimitable character, totally timeless” i-D Magazine

“If you’re expecting some blasé pop, prepare to be quite taken by surprise” Cool Hunting

Though you’ve probably heard the name, Daphne Guinness somehow resists definition. There’s the close friendships with Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, the various collaborations with artists & designers, alongside well-respected ventures in the world of film, with Guinness’ name appearing on the back of the Oscar-nominated Cashback, which she co-produced, alongside a role in art film The Murder of Jean Seberg. If you’re wondering at this stage what her reason for making a record with Visconti at the helm might be, a better question to ask is why she waited so long. “I began in music”, she reveals, “and I ended up there.” A young Daphne regularly stepped in on vocals for a Sixties covers band near her family’s Spanish home, and always looked set to pursue a career in music, gaining a place at the Guildhall School before life had other plans. “I never thought I’d get back to my ‘home’,” she says. “And now I’m physically back in my home – Ireland – but also back doing what I was trained for, but I thought I’d never see again.”