Deer Tick

Each new Deer Tick record has stood as a progressive milestone for frontman John McCauley and the Providence, Rhode Island-based band (guitarist Ian O’Neill, bassist Christopher Dale Ryan, keyboardist Rob Crowell, and drummer Dennis Ryan). But 2013’s Negativity represents an epic leap forward on virtually all fronts.

While Deer Tick have been rightfully hailed for their raucous rave-ups and substance-fuelled fervour, Negativity places considerable focus on the band’s nuanced and tender side. Deer Tick – sounding as sure-footed as one would expect from a band known for spending a couple of hundred nights each year on stage – more than match the strength of their previous material, with the heartbreaking, fist-pumping, and indeed, life-affirming, Negativity standing as a genuine high water mark for Deer Tick – a defining collection from a band driven by an undying faith in rock ‘n’ roll’s evergreen power of redemption and transcendence.