Esperanza Spalding

“She has dizzying possibilities, is prodigiously talented, and has a gorgeously expressive voice” The Daily Telegraph

For some, awareness of double bass-toting Esperanza Spalding dawned last Spring, when she came out of nowhere to beat J-Biebs to the Best Newcomer Grammy award. (Cue long-overdue praise from the international press, and some rather childish Twitter character assassination from an army of livid Beliebers).

In truth, Portland native Spalding has been making exceptional jazz-influenced records since graduating from Berklee College of Music at 21, then promptly making appointment to their teaching board as their youngest ever tutor. She returns with her fourth studio album Radio Music Society this year- in what promises to be a true crossover album, Esperanza has fused her jazz roots with solid soul jams, and even hooked up with hip hop legend Q-Tip for his production & performance services on several tracks.

Possessed of a baffling reserve of talent, Esperanza looks set to continue to challenge everyone’s notion of a ‘pop star’ in inimitable style. Pardon me, Justin who?