“Memorable songs recorded with exquisite taste” **** – The Guardian

“Melodies that twist on copper-toned notes like falling leaves. A classily crafted record” **** – Daily Telegraph

“Sensational” – The Sunday Times

Rumer’s new album Into Colour continues a personal journey which has already seen the Anglo-Pakistani singer and songwriter go from a variety of service jobs and a decade on the unsigned circuit to one of the more surprising crossovers in recent times. Her debut album, ‘Seasons Of My Soul’, was released via Atlantic Records to commercial and critical acclaim in November 2010. It has since sold over million copies, been nominated for two Brit Awards (Best British Female, Best British Breakthrough Act), and earned Rumer the much-coveted Mojo Award for Breakthrough Act. The impact of such sudden success culminated around the release of ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, 2012’s eclectic and impassioned covers record based on male songwriters from the 70’s. In conjunction with a well-documented struggle with Bipolar Disorder, the album still reached #3 in the UK charts, formed many unexpected relationships with the legends she covered, and perform at The White House for President Obama.

Co-produced by Rob Shirakbari, the long-term musical director to Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick, Into Colour is the same Rumer you first fell for, but in a mood you may have not heard her in previously. Musically, it’s more upbeat and sensual, expanding the Technicolour Bacharach sound to further incorporate elements of Philly grooves, Soul, and on the thrilling, once-bitten-twice-shy rush of first single and UK airplay hit ‘Dangerous’, even Disco. Yet the tensions that gave depth to ‘Seasons Of My Soul’ linger. ‘Dangerous’ is in fact about Rumer’s fear of re-entering music, where “I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to break through it until I literally wrote a song about the resistance itself. We worked it into a love song, and the emotion just felt naturally Disco in theme.” This is the journey from where Rumer was – lonely, burnt out and lost – to where she is now. That same voice you fell for on breakthrough hit ‘Slow’ but cast, for the first time, Into Colour.